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This section of our site is designed to provide you with all the facts of Hampstead, beyond businesses and activities.  Such aspects as year round weather, commerce, politics and economics.  Search through and find out what to where, at what time of the year, population, demographics, or who is lending a hand in the area. 

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Hampstead Weather

While North Carolina’s southern coastal towns offer temperate climate and plenty of sunshine, they are not immune to the seasonal changes. During the summer months, temperatures reach the high 80s and mainly fluctuate within that range, though they can climb into the 90s. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average maximum temperature of 89.9 degrees and a 63 percent humidity index. During the winter months, temperatures tend to be in the 40s, but can fluctuate up or down by about 15 degrees. The coldest month is January, with an average minimum temperate of 35.8 degrees. 

Keep in mind that June 1 to November 30 is the Atlantic hurricane season, and the North Carolina coast can potentially lie in a storm’s path. Keep an eye on the weather reports in local media if you're in the area during those months.

Economic Development Organizations

Cape Fear Economic Development Council, Inc. Hampstead Overview of Area
1409 Audubon Blvd., Ste. B1
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 431-2811

Entrepreneurship, competitiveness, innovation and technology are key words on the Cape Fear Economic Development Council's mission list, but just as important are sustainability, smart growth, revitalization and collaboration.

Bringing business and industry to the Cape Fear region is the council's focus, but the nonprofit group works with a keen eye on the...more about Cape Fear Economic Development Council, Inc.

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
1 Estell Lee Place
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 762-2611

A program of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Cape Fear Future is dedicated to development of the region's knowledge sector economy. The initiative recognizes the position of entrepeneurs, scientists, nurses, teachers, technology workers and others as critical to the development of new businesses and technological innovation. Three task forces focus on...more about Cape Fear Future

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