Pets in Hampstead, NC

There are several options to meet you pet needs in Hampstead, NC.  All grounds are covered, from grooming and pet day cares, to boarding and even full service veterinarian hospitals.  This section will provide the listings for any pet related businesses in the area, but if you want to seek further, Wilmington is a quick drive south with plenty more pet resources to research. 

Featured Local Businesses
Blue Water Realty

Animal Health

Veterinarians and Veterinary Surgeons

16350 U.S. Hwy. 17 N.
Hampstead, NC
(910) 270-4401

Veterinarians Maria Sorg and Mitch Barnes offer friendly, professional and compassionate care for your animal companions. Whether Fido is just a pup or your Fluffy is on the elderly side, these caring vets create personally crafted healthcare plans so that your pet will be a happy and healthy family member for...more about Topsail Animal Hospital

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